Concrete Microstructure Properties and Materials

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  • Autor: P. Kumar Mehta, Paulo J.M Monteiro
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Concrete Microstructure Properties and Materials
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rok wydania: 2013-11-01, wydanie czwarte
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ISBN: 9780071797870
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Comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of the properties, behavior, and technology of concrete Fully revised to include the latest advances in concrete technology, Concrete: Microstructure, Properties, and Materials provides complete details on the microstructure-property relationship approach to provide scientific explanation for the strength and durability of concrete. This in-depth resource discusses the microstructure and properties of hardened concrete; concrete-making materials and concrete processing; and current developments in concrete technology, mechanics, and nondestructive testing methods. New to this Edition Inclusion of recently built/ongoing construction projects worldwide Information on shrinkage-reducing admixtures Coverage of the latest advances in concrete technology-self-consolidating concrete; nanotechnology of concrete; shotcrete; expansive cement; and concrete for nuclear radiation Details on modeling of ice formation and alkali-aggregate reaction in concrete 1,000 PowerPoint slides and videos that illustrate topics presented in the book